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  • Malta - Little Known Gem of the Mediterranean

    Last month, I had the divine pleasure of spending almost a week exploring and eating my way through Malta and her sister island Gozo.  Just a short hop from most major cities in Europe, I found this little island country has so much to do and... more

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  • The Emperor’s New Chakras

    On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was met by a, “hostess,” (their term not mine) at San Diego airport and transferred in a posh new Mercedes van to the Golden Door Spa in Escondido CA.... more

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  • For the Must Travel Species

    Some of us attend meetings or conferences half a world away. Some of us yearn for adventure beyond familiar surroundings. In the 21st century, the human species resembles a migratory one: compelled to travel great distances in order to gather together,... more

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  • Foreign Etiquette

    Traveling to Cyprus? Hungary? Latvia? When visiting a foreign country, it is ALWAYS a great idea to read up on local customs of the place in which you are visiting. At best, this will help you to avoid seeming like a typical tourist or at worst; a rude,... more

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  • A fine dinner Downeast

    I’m from Maine. A number of years ago a friend told me about this fabulous restaurant up in Rockland where her nephew was working – she said I must go and eat there! A couple of years after that, a friend who lived out on North Haven Island moved into... more

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  • Can we have the old days back? Please?

    One hears it all the time: Why can’t air travel be like it was in the old days - something special; something that people looked forward to; time well spent on the way to your destination?

    Those of us with a certain number of rings around the trunk... more

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  • A Day in Portland, Maine

    I’m stuck in Portland, Maine for a day… HELP!

    So, you’ve got a day to kill in Portland, ME. You think you’ve got a problem…

    It turns out…This is your lucky day!

    Flickr user... more

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  • Is there anything between Rome and Tuscany?


    Having been lucky to see the "usual suspects" Italy has to offer we decided to shake things up on our last trip to Italy. We wanted to branch out but also stay closer to Rome. Travelers land in Rome and scramble up to the better known and... more

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